Xbox One Sells Two-Million-Units in 18 Days At Retail


The Xbox team has announced that since the Xbox One launched 18 days ago, the new-generation console has sold more than 2 million units worldwide! This averages over 111,111 units sold per day – a record-setting pace for Xbox One since the November 22nd launch.

The Xbox team is continuing to work hard to meet consumer demand, delivering consoles to retailers as fast as possible this Christmas. Xbox One brings the best games, live TV, Skype, sports, fitness, music and more to one system at the centre of the living room, all available at the command of your voice. With 22 hotly anticipated games, including 10 exclusive titles, and entertainment apps, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and many more – Xbox One fans have the best entertainment and games available on one console this holiday season.

The only gripe thisisxbox had with the console, was the limited dashboard. You can read all about what is lacking via the link.

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