Xbox@Gamescom: ReCore Definitive Edition announced

Xbox@Gamescom: ReCore Definitive Edition announced

We’ve been teased all week about a ReCore announcement. Well don’t get too excited, the main announcement was for a definitive edition – why? – because definitive editions are the new remastered editions, plus you’ll be wanting all those extra textures for rendering the game on Xbox One X, right?…right!

There is some light at the end of tunnel, there is a new expansion that will be free to all that own the game. Whether vanilla or definitive edition, we can all look forward to playing the Eye of Obsidian quest and meeting a new T8-NK robot.

ReCore is also coming to Xbox Game Pass so you can grab all of the above as part of your membership.

We reviewed ReCore when the game first launched and you can read it right here.

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